Ruben Vargas

Founder and Chairman @ NTA

Rubén Vargas is an economist by the UNAM and Ontological coach by the International Coaching Technologies/ITESM.

Ruben Vargas is founder and chairman of NTA, a logistics company that supplies high specialty services for pharmaceutical industry. His role is to set the highest standards of operations and quality in order to meet the growing industry’s complex requirements.

Rubén Vargas has a solid background in Logistics, dating since 1990 where he was national distribution Supervisor at Procter and Gamble DC. Two years later, he got trained by Hanes (Sara Lee Knit Products) in their diverse warehouses to become logistics and distribution Supervisor.

In 1994, Rubén Joined as distribution manager of Fruit of the Loom, where he became part of the development team, fully involved in the national distribution center kick-off.

In 1996, as member of Excel Logistics, Ruben leaded the team that developed the self-services distribution center for Procter and Gamble. Simultaneously, he developed the secondary packaging operations for their different production plants.

In 1998, Rubén started his entrepreneurship career founding AVP International in order to provide primary and secondary packaging, labeling, warehousing and distribution services for companies such as Procter and Gamble, Nestle, GSK etc. Couple of years after, he founded NTA based on a delivery center concept.

NTA’s mission was defined to reach a standardized performance level for every delivery point, holding tangible differentiators and added values for the pharmaceutical industry stakeholders.