Rita Maria Vargas

Deputy Consul General for Mexico in Miami @ Deputy Consul General for Mexico in Miami

Rita Maria Vargas Torregrosa is a member of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Mexico. She counts on an extensive experience in different areas of Mexican foreign policy as she held a variety of high rank positions in Mexico and abroad. Since 2017, she is the Deputy Consul General for Mexico in Miami.
Consul Vargas Torregrosa got her degree in International Relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and pursued a Master degree on Mexico-United States Studies and Diplomacy. She specialized in North American Political System and obtained multiple certificates on economics, international politics, public administration and diplomacy.
Among all her positions, Consul Vargas Torregrosa worked as the Director of the North North Border between Mexico and US. Here she emphasized in a particular manner on the coordination of the Binational Bridges and Border Crossings, which allowed the Mexican and American government to put in operation different projects of infrastructure along the border.
Following, Consul Vargas was reallocated to work on the Embassy of Mexico in Italy, where she was in charge of the Consular Office.
Later, Consul Vargas was designated to work in the Mission of Mexico before the European Union. Here, she managed to obtain the mandate to the EU Commission for the modernization of the agreement between Mexico and the EU. Moreover, here she looked forward to lobbying at the European Parliament on different aspects including political dialogue, cooperation and commercial agreements.