Lucia Aguilar

Deputy Trade and Investment Commissioner @ ProMexico Miami

Lucía del Socorro Aguilar Puga is a marketing professional with more than 10 years of international experience. She has promoted Mexico as a foreign direct investment destination and Mexican exports in the world from ProMéxico’s headquarters in Mexico City, and from the offices of Paris and Chicago. She arrived in Miami 11 months ago with the objective of increasing trade and investment between the Southeast of the United States and Mexico.
Born and raised in Colima, one of the smallest states in Mexico, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing from Tecnologico de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico and is currently pursuing an Executive MBA at University of Miami.
Besides her mother tongue, Spanish, she is fluent in English and French.
In her free time, Lucia loves to run with her husband, Pablo. Both are currently training for their first marathon this fall.