Jose A. Acosta

President of Government Affairs for Americas Region @ UPS

José Acosta, President of Government Affairs for the Americas Region, is responsible for the design and implementation of government relations strategies in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.
Jose assures that the policy and regulatory trends in the Americas allow UPS to operate efficiently and flexibly in order to facilitate commerce and meet the needs of customers. In his role, he can help local economies grow and develop export markets. He is based in Miami.
Prior to his current appointment, Acosta handled aspects related to sales, services and transportation operations in the parcel and supply chain areas for Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as for UPS supply chain operations in Miami.
José began his career with UPS in 1978 in the Southern District of Florida. Subsequently, in 1983 he was promoted to full-time supervisor of the connection and distribution center. During this time, Acosta participated in the planning and commissioning of the UPS operations center in Charlotte, North Carolina; and in Hialeah; Florida. After supervising the courier operations at both centers, José was promoted as manager of the connection and distribution center of South Florida in 1988.
During this period in South Florida, Acosta held various management roles in different areas such as: labor relations, security and commerce; until then he was promoted as Parcel Manager for the southern division in January 2000.
In 2004, José was promoted to Vice President of Operations for Latin America. In January 2009 he assumed the role of Vice President of Government Affairs, Strategy and Business Development of UPS Latin America. He held this position until he was named Vice President of Governmental Affairs and Operations of South America in May 2011.
José obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and International Finance, as well as his Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of Miami in Florida, United States of America.