Jim Maclellan

Director of Trade Development @ Port of Los Angeles

Jim MacLellan is responsible for trade promotion programs to encourage increased trade through the Port of Los Angeles and the Southern California Gateway. This includes the Trade Connect programs to assist local businesses enter global export markets. Trade Connect was awarded the Presidential E Star Award on May 20, 2013 for service to the nation’s exports. He has held this position since January 2007, and previously was Director of Marketing, at which time he directed marketing programs and worked with customers and service providers to help build the Port’s long-term clientele.

Prior to joining the Port in 1992, he worked internationally for more than 20 years in the intermodal shipping business.

A member of several local and international organizations, he currently serves as Chair of the Pacific Chapter of the U.S. – Mexico Chamber of Commerce.

As Adjunct Professor, he has taught courses on international shipping and trade at the Monterey Institute Graduate School of Business Studies. He has also taught international shipping at the UCLA Anderson School of Business.