▼ PANEL III: Perishables and Cold Chain: The operational challenges

Natalia Gamarra – Manager International Member Relations – UNITED FRESH PRODUCE
Mauricio Soto – Business Development Manager – SSA MÉXICO
Alejandro Lasheras – CEOKRONOZ
Joel Rodríguez – Sales Manager Miami – PREFERRED FREEZER SERVICES
William Taylor – CEO – TransGulf
Moderador: Helman Puente – Director General – KNOW IT COLOMBIA

Having dimensioned the potential of port operations in Port Everglades, it is pertinent to talk about the particular operations that are circumscribed by perishable and cold chain management. In this panel we will talk about the specialized requirements of these operations, through Mexican export companies with presence in North American territory, and companies specializing in the transport, storage and distribution of fresh products. To what extent are the needs of the perishable export sector being met?