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Unlocking the Power of Data

Data is the fuel in supply chain, however it is often unutilized. Actually, the focus is shifting from data to insights, and further to decisions and actions. This session will demonstrate how leading supply chain organizations have used data insights to support various use cases of decision intelligence.

Roundtable: Understanding the Anatomy of a 3PL

Many logistics leaders talk about their desire to become shipper of choice with their 3PLs, but their strategies are often developed in an echo chamber of shippers and exclude any input from the 3PLs. Join this roundtable where we break with tradition and bring the 3PL and shipper communities together to discuss and share their expectations for this notion to becoming a shipper of choice.

Purposefully Plan for Sustainability-Building a Net-Zero Supply Chain Strategy.

This session will provide a forum to answer questions about how Supply Chain Planning Leaders can engage in supporting sustainability goals. We will discuss topics including how publicly available ESG information can be leveraged in the planning process, how S&OP can be expanded to include ESG considerations in balancing objectives, and how all of this could support reporting and audit of published ESG goals.

Mastering Uncertainty: The Rise of Resilient Supply Chain Planning

Traditional planning does not cope with complexity and uncertainty, which calls for a new approach resilient planning. This session will explore what resilient planning is and how a company can leverage and combine new and emerging technologies allied with a paradigm shift in thinking to enable resilient planning for their supply chain.

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